Space Sciences Corporation

Providing cutting-edge Aerospace Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Craft development (HALOGX & AiRAMROD ), Semiconductor, Materials and Microelectronics Systems, Satellite, Software Development and Computing, Radiation and Atomic Corrosion Protection, Optical Thin Film, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Research, Artificial, Real Intelligence Computer Vision Research Development Test Engineering and Management for Terrestrial and Space Applications, Embedded Systems development, Secure next gen LoRA, Smartmesh and Mobile 5G Cross Domain Solution (CDS) Communications, FRAISOS

Space Sciences Corporation is a leading provider of electronic systems and software solutions for terrestrial and space applications. With a team of experienced engineers and developers, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that push the boundaries of space exploration.

Our Services

Space and Terrestrial Cosmic Rays Environment Characterization
Single Event Effects (SEE) on Microelectronic Devices & Space Vehicles including:
JEDEC 89 Soft Error Rate (SER) & Failure in Time (FIT) Testing New Microelectronics Beta Testing
Alpha, Heavy Ion, Neutron, Total Dose and Dose Rate Gamma Testing
Test on Demand Delivered (TODD) Agile Test Systems

Custom Microelectronics Design and Turnkey Testing
Space Qualified Environmental Testing
Turnkey Failure Analysis of Microelectronics using Radiation Emission Microscopy (REM)

Radiation Effects Research
Green Power & Alternative Energy Systems

Design of Energy Systems

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Research

Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Research for Automotive, VTOL Applications

Battery Research and Development, NMSBA Leveraged

-NMSBA Leveraged Project with Sandia National Laboratory, Space Sciences Corporation supports the ongoing Nano-porous Carbon (NPC) battery research efforts due to increasing need for small form factor, more stable, abundant and higher energy, power density batteries and the approach provided by the Sandia Labs Team using different coating techniques, transport and nucleation for charge mobility resulting in recoverable and increased coulombic efficiencies towards pure lithium batteries without dendritic formations. Space Sciences Corporation applications and use of high availability, reliability batteries includes aerospace, drones, spacecraft, satellites and aviation support applications

Solar Cell Research

Renewable Energy Research

Applications of Nanomaterials in Energy Systems


Detection of Counterfeit and Trojan Microelectronics.

Microelectronics Anti-Tamper and Countermeasures

Secure Microelectronics and Communications Interfaces

Embedded Systems Development & AI Computer Vision

Alternative Transportation
  • Autonomous Hover Airlift and Logistics Operations Guided eXpeditionary (HALOGX®) Low/High Altitude scalable hybrid propulsion VTOL Autonomous Flying Platform.

  • Artificial Intelligence Risk Avoidance Multirole Ramming/Research/Rescue Operations Drone (AiRAMROD)

  • Rocket Rail® – Short Duration Long Range Transplanetary Transport

  • Terra Tube® – Sub/above terranean Short/Long Range Transplanetary Transport

  • Gravity Lift® – A totally new form of transportation!

  • Electric Vehicle Research

  • Spaceport America and Space Commercialization support

  • Pilot Uneexplained Physiological Event (UPE) Research and OBOGS

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